More Millenials Living at Home

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EUGENE, Ore. — A record number of millenials are still living at home.

A new Pew Research Center study found more than a third of American millenials are still living at home. Experts say the reasons why vary.

In 2007 32 percent of millenials hadn’t left the nest. Now it’s at 36 percent or just over 21 million.

A driving factor is employment, but experts KEZI 9 News spoke with say it’s also school loan debt and the stigma of living at home is no longer embarrassing.

One mom we spoke with says she doesn’t know why her 24-year-old hasn’t moved out.

“I mean I moved out a month before I turned 18 and I never went back, but I wanted to be independent and on my own, and she just doesn’t have the desire I guess,” said Terri Densmore, mother.

She stressed her daughter is employed and is responsible but just doesn’t want to┬áleave home.

Pew estimates at least a third and up to a half of those 18 to 31-year-olds living at home are college students who spend most of the year on campus.

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