More Places to Live Downtown

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EUGENE, Ore. — By this summer, downtown Eugene could be home to hundreds of new people.

The number of complexes that popped up over the past few years is filling a void.

There are now many places to live downtown and they’re filling up fast.

Park Place Apartments near the corner of Broadway and Pearl Street is one of those complexes.

The application process opened up at the end of last year, and in just a few months every unit was leased out.

Property managers say the response from the community has been great and all the changes in downtown are making a difference.

“Once people start getting more incorporated with downtown and how it’s changed and seeing the changes that have taken place and the new places are coming in, I think it will have a positive effect on the housing market and in turn have a positive effect on the retail spaces. It’s a win-win,” said Erik Jarney, Property Manager.

First on Broadway is also another complex that will open soon. Tours of the units just started, but the applications are already coming in and managers expect this place to fill up just as quickly.

Over at the Capstone Housing Project, more than a hundred units are already leased. The city predicts about 650 new residents will move into downtown by September, joined by a total of 1,500 should the following year.

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