More Rain this Week


Another storm moves in Sunday night/Monday morning. The heaviest rain will be during the morning commute, so drivers be ready. This storm will also bring some gusty winds, mainly along the coast where gust will be around 30-35 mph. For the mountains, expect a rain/snow mix with the freezing level hovering around 5,000 feet. Highs Monday will be in the mid to upper 50s.

We’ll continue to see showers on and off Monday night through Tuesday night, as the atmosphere will remain slightly unstable with plenty of moisture. High temps Tuesday will be near 60 degrees.

Rain will pick back up Wednesday with another storm. This storm will bring in cooler air, with its cold front Monday afternoon, which will drop the freezing level down to 4,500 feet. As of now, snow accumulation isn’t expected to be much across as most of the precipitation will fall when the freezing level is well above the pass levels. Isolated showers will continue into Thursday with this storm. Highs Wednesday and Thursday will be in the mid to upper 50s.

A small ridge will build Thursday night and stay around through Saturday morning. Skies won’t completely clear, but temperatures will climb into the low 60s in many spots. Rain returns with the next storm Saturday night.

Have a wonderful week!
Meteorologist Marisa Woloszyn

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