More Unmarried Moms Living with Partners

baby feet(CNN) — There’s a baby boom among unmarried couples who live together, according to new federal research.

Births in so-called “cohabiting relationships” rose to 58 percent between 2006 and 2010–that is up from 41 percent in 2002.

The report shows between 2002 to 2010, about half of births to non-married, cohabiting women were planned.

The data were collected by the National Center for Health Statistics, which is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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  1. JB says:

    Sign of the times, to lazy to get a job so lets get pregnant so we can get a bigger welfare check, and maybe a little child support to boot. Free health care, so we don’t have to worry about any out of pocket expenses for our little jonny paycheck and a prescription to some nice pain killers to boot that we can sell on the black market for cigarettes and beer money. Yippee. You think this generation’s messed up I can’t wait to see what hell the offspring will produce. Welfare reform, welfare reform, welfare reform.

    1. Sheri says:

      um, excuse me. Did you not read that half of the pregnancies where planned? People living on the system usually don’t have the whits to think of planning a pregnancy or much of anything else. I am planning on going off birth control next year. I am not married, don’t plan on getting married, and my boyfriend is okay with that. I have a high paying job for the last 4 years and last year I bought my first house on my own.

  2. jb says:

    Congratulations, you are a rare bread these days. It only takes a trip or two the local costco or walmart around the first of the month to see how many women, (and men) are abusing the system these days. I may have been referring to the other 42%. And not to get technical but what’s planning have to do with anything. I for a fact know of several accounts of women in our area that planned on having a child (multiple) don’t plan on getting married ever, (cuts into their available state and fed benefits),plan on getting free heath care, (epidermal and required pain meds after delivery), and plan on getting a big fat check for it every month. Your right that’s a heck of a lot of planning. My bad.

    1. jenfo says:

      speaking of ‘messed up’ generations since you put so much importance on wedlock, tell me are you married? have any divorces in your past? how about your wife*? Your generation slaughtered the meaning of marriage!


  3. jenfo says:

    So offensive How dare you.
    For starters NOTHING in this article so much as mentions welfare – get off your high horse! let me take an educated guess….
    You’re a no college education middle aged religious republican?
    if you’re by chance not, you sure sound like it.

    Being married (beyond legal reason’s) is a religious tradition, it’s called a freedom of choice in this country. Our generation has been educated in science which strongly contradicts religion. Thus religious belief systems are plummeting (if not dying) as with marriage rates. All while the cost of a modest wedding have skyrocketed..We are not the youth of the 1950’s that rush knocked-up to the chapel to be socially accepted.

    Secondly, Let’s not ignore the economical state this generation has been flung into! Not only has unemployment as of the past decade been comparable to the GREAT DEPRESSION but any employment available (for a young, high school graduate, non-professional persons entering the workforce) is likely part time at minimum wage. News flash – it’s called the working poor.
    You qualify for welfare when you are below the Federal Poverty Level. Which isn’t too forgiving with cost of living these days. You should look it up.

    Also i can tell you’ve never had to live on welfare by your “big fat check” comment
    For my 3 member household we received $400 a month that couldn’t even cover half my rent, not to mention utilities, child care, and everything else in life -like food, gasoline, toiletries..etc.
    This with myself AND my unwed partner (we’ve been together as of the past 11yrs) both working. We went to the welfare office open about our unwed living circumstances and because common law isn’t acknowledged by the state or Oregon we are considered single status.
    I don’t know what your definition of “child -support check” is but …that would come from one paternal parent to the other…wouldn’t really benefit any couple living together…”here honey here’s 100 bucks..” this makes no sense…

    Point being working and collecting welfare to still barely scrape by all while raising a child is not for the lazy, it’s twice as much work as just having one good job with a decent paycheck…(I speak from experience I’ve been lucky to have had that good job)

    Yes we had “free” healthcare and all the doctors that accept it (not exactly top of the class MD’s here and neither are the facilities) and coverage is not very comparable to any insurance I had from employment!
    My “little johny” is 5 years old and once on state insurance has received 4 well child check ups and 3 rounds of vaccines, one ER trip which used an x-ray, oh and streptococcal swab..My hubby one visit for a skin infection, myself a visit and procedure for a tumor behind my eye . Your not a very compassionate human if that’s abusing the medical system.

    I can see your insinuating ‘people on welfare’ must abuse prescription pain killers, smoke cigarettes, and drink alcohol.
    Personally i and my hubby are both allergic to pain meds, yes we do smoke cigarettes (you were right about at least one thing) and neither of us use alcohol beyond a champagne at a wedding or a beer after a funeral. I don’t appreciate the generalization.

    Speaking of ‘messed up’ generations since you put so much importance on wedlock, tell me are you married? have any divorces in your past? how about your wife? Your generation slaughtered the meaning of marriage!

    Combine all 4 of our parents (of your generation) you have 3 children born out of wedlock, 1 given up for adoption,1 abortion, 2 pain medication addicts, 1 ex coke head, 2 ‘recovered’ alcoholics, 8 failed marriages,1 annulment, 1 single mother, 1 deadbeat dad (the only religious one haha) 1 person on federal welfare, no formal education anywhere, and some domestic violence cases to wrap it all up. All 4 have worked since their teenage years and none are adequately prepared for retirement when the time comes…where will they be looking …social security by any chance? will it fall onto our generation by any chance?

    Oh no one would be able to assist in general nor with a wedding we’ve wanted for so long.(since were just being lazy about it) were on our own. Yeah your generation sure showed us!

    You really should educate yourself before trolling around on the internet putting groups of people down.

    Ps. you’re right, people DO abuse the system, this isn’t something new, bad PEOPLE are corrupt regardless or age, sex, education, religion, political status, marital status or fiscal position. Your a good or a bad person- period. After so long in this world you should know this. Quit picking on the poor.

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