More Valley Snow Expected

EUGENE, Ore. — A majority of Lane County woke up to white Thursday morning after a rain-snow mix covered most of the valley late Wednesday night into the morning.

The snow totaled half an inch in some spots by 8 a.m. Thursday. At the passes, it nearly totaled a foot.

With more wintry weather on the way, the Egan Warming Centers will open Thursday night and should be a popular spot.

“We’re looking out for temperatures under 30 degrees, but when there’s freezing precipitation in there we look at that as well. Like tonight, it may not get below the 30 mark, but because of the threat of snow and freezing precipitation, we want to make sure people have a place to go,” said Charley Harvey, St. Vincent de Paul Manager.

With the possibility of more snow comes another warning from EPD. It’s urging drivers to use caution and good sense.

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