More Warming Center Locations to Open

EUGENE, Ore. — The temperatures are dropping, and the Egan Warming Centers are gearing up to open Tuesday with more centers available.

First Christian Church on Oak Street in downtown Eugene will open its doors. The other locations opening are Valley Covenant Church, Ebbert Memorial Methodist Church, Trinity United Methodist Church and Hosea Youth Services.

Dan Bryant, the senior minister at First Christian Church says during their last opening, they were way over capacity.

“I would anticipate probably we’re going to be open at least five nights, it might be seven you know we just have to wait and see how the weather pattern unfolds,” Bryant said.

Additional sites are set to open this week, including Parker Elementary, ShelterCare and The Grange. Organizers say to check back at the Egan Warming Centers for a list of locations and times.


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  1. musicman60 says:

    let this be a warning i will file a lawsuit if they open the school it is for eduction not bums it is private property belongs to the tax payers and i am one and no one askek me

  2. Frank Bone says:

    Here’s a question. Every time we experience severe weather, news outlets talk only about the need to help the Egan Warming Centers. No mention is ever made of the Eugene Mission which has been on the front line with this issue 24-7 for like 50 years. Why isn’t the Eugene Mission mentioned in the same breath as the Egan Warming Centers?……….

    1. J Smith says:

      The Mission has 275 beds for Men and 65 beds for women which are usually full to the max. There are about 1750 unsheltered people living in Lane County which is a big disparity if you think about it. The Egan Warming Centers are emergency shelter only available when the temperatures drop dangerously low. It only takes one night of these cold temperatures to freeze to death. They may be “bums” but they are still people. And most people are one paycheck away from being on the streets themselves. Whatever circumstances lead to a person ending up on the street letting someone freeze to death when there is an unused facility that could prevent it is abhorrent.

  3. diane g says:

    could you please post how to contact the Egan Warming centers if you have time to volunteer or if you have blankets to donate. and thank you J Smith for setting musicman60 straight.

    1. KEZI Staff says:

      Yes. Here is a link to their contact information: http://eganwarmingcenter.com/contact.html

  4. Keith Miller says:

    Which Grange? I am close to people at the Irvington Grange, and they are offering, but to my knowledge have not been told of a date they are needed.

    Musicman60: PUBLIC schools are “Private Property”? Get off the crack! I would hope that school money is not used for this, since schools seem to always be short of money, but they are far from private property and could be used, just like they can be designated as emergency shelters.

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