Mother Reacts to Bishop’s Re-Arrest

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A Springfield mother whose daughter was allegedly videotaped by a neighbor is reacting to his re-arrest.

The suspect, Dana Bishop, is back in jail facing 35 additional charges of invasion of personal privacy.

The family asked that we shield their identity over the weekend, but now they agreed to go on camera calling for change in Oregon.

“He said he was watching her and he thinks they have had some ongoing reciprocated relationship, which thank goodness hasn’t happened,” said the victim’s mother Chrystal. “In his head they have a relationship and he’s obsessed with her.”

Police say they found Bishop had devised a camera system capable of viewing people in their homes. The family says it was a tiny hidden camera pointed directly at their daughter’s bedroom window.

“I was shaking and crying, and it was really traumatic.” Chrystal explained.

Police released Bishop last week. He was re-arrested Monday for 35 additional charges.

“They are all invasion of privacy counts,” Chrystal said. “To my understanding  that’s how many times he claims to have seen her in the year, but if you have cameras on someone for a year that’s probably not how many times he’s seen her.”

The charges are all misdemeanors because in Oregon there isn’t a video voyeurism law.  Crystal wants to make it a felony to film minors without them knowing.

Chrystal started a Facebook group and it already has 1,200 members. “I am emailing lawmakers trying to contact anyone, I think Oregon should have this law,” said Chyrstal.

Chrystal and her family are thankful nothing bad happened to their daughter, but they say they will forever feel violated.

“We will always be looking over our shoulder. When our daughter is 15, we will be wondering is that guy is still obsessed with her. Is he going to look her up? It’s something that will never totally go away for us,” said Chrystal.

The family was granted a stalking protection order Monday morning, but that doesn’t prevent Bishop from returning to his home. The family says they don’t want to be in their home if he is next door. Bishop is scheduled in municipal court at Tuesday at 1 p.m.


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  1. Adertree7 says:

    This guy should be killed before he kills some little girl.

  2. Joe B. says:

    The camera was a small security camera with a wide angel lens attached to the blind side of the Bishops house. The camera had been there for a number of years, the neighbors new the camera was there. Because of the nature of the lens both homes could be seen in the monitor.

    As the police said at the arraignment there is no physical evidence that Bishop was watching anything. There are no recordings or pictures on his computer and no other pics or video’s were found in the home. So far this all sounds like hearsay to me.

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