Motorcyclists Deliver Toys

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EUGENE, Ore. — Children at the ShelterCare family housing in Eugene are enjoying new gifts today after Santa came roaring in, not on a sleigh, but a motorcycle.

The rough and tough bikers, known as “Cruizers for Christ”, have a soft spot.

“Seeing all the motorcycles come in, all the Harleys, the rumbling–it’s pretty exciting. You don’t think about your worries at the time it’s happening,” said Jennifer Hopkins, a Eugene resident picking out toys at ShelterCare for her son.

With Christmas just around the corner, the Cruizers for Christ are helping bring the holiday spirit to ShelterCare.

“We’re just a bunch of Bible-believing Christians who ride motorcycles,” said Dan Kammerzelt with Cruizers for Christ.

“I figured most people are trying has hard as they can and anything we can do to help is good stuff,” said Kammerzelt.

ShelterCare counselors say the cruizers are helping over 20 families this year. Parents picked from the piles of presents, from gifts to help their kids gear up for winter to something for them to just have a little fun.

“I got an art kit for him,” said Hopkins, who has a teenage son. She says this effort helps bring joy to her family during a difficult season .

“It helps take a lot of pressure off of the stresses of homelessness and transitional housing. It can get pretty difficult during the holidays,” said Hopkins.

Kammerzelt, who’s been a Cruizer for Christ for over 20 years, looks forward to the ride every year.

“I just love it. This is one of the high points of my year. It’s just being able to help somebody out,” said Kammerzelt.

Hopkins says families like her’s see past the motorcycles and leather jackets and see a group of cruizers just compassionate for others.

“You can tell they have a heart. You can tell they’re caring,” said Hopkins.

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