Mt. Ashland Waits for Snow

MT. ASHLAND, Ore. — While the cold weather is causing problems for some, staff members at Mount Ashland say they’re hoping for more of it.

On Monday, the mountain saw 50-mil- an-hour winds and snow, but it’s still way short of what they need to open their trails. Last year the resort opened on Dec. 6, but this year they likely won’t open until the holiday break.

The resort recently hired about 120 seasonal employees to work everything from the lifts to ski patrol, but right now those seasonal employees are on call.

“Right now everyone’s on 72-hour notice. In other words when we get the snow we make the call, we put the food out, we put the boundaries out,” said Mt. Ashland Director of Development Rick Saul.

Mount Ashland officials say it’s hard to say how much of an impact a late start would have on the season if snow continues late into the spring. The last two years the mountain opened on Dec. 20.

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