Murder Suspect Charged with Assault

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EUGENE, Ore. — New documents were released Monday about a man police say killed a Sweet Home woman.

According to court documents, police arrested 33-year-old Austin Rolfe on July 9 for an assault case unrelated to the murder of the woman. That same day, hikers found Heaven King’s body in the Umpqua National Forest.

The documents said Austin Rolfe was arrested in early July for assaulting 56-year-old Larry Delatorre of Springfield.

The victim did not wish to speak on camera, but says Rolfe hit him in the back of his head with a tree branch as he was getting out of his car. Delatorre says he didn’t know the man, and though he’s not critically injured, he says he had to go to the hospital.

That very same day, the Lane County Sheriff’s Office says hikers found 36-year-old King’s body in the forest east of Cottage Grove.

“It’s hard to look over there and not see her car,” said Carla Schmidt, King’s neighbor.

Meanwhile, neighbors are trying to understand why she was killed.

“She wasn’t just a friend. She became family. I mean, that’s how close we all were,” Schmidt said.

Rolfe is also accused of King’s murder.

“I met him, but I wasn’t close to him or personal with him at all,” Schmidt said.

“I barely knew him,” said Schmidt’s daughter Veronica, who says King was her best friend. “When he was over here with her, he was always in the house. He very rarely came out and talked to anybody.”

And for friends who considered King family, they didn’t realize King and Rolfe were dating.

Their relationship is still a mystery, but on Facebook, King posted this comment on one of Rolfe’s photos in January: “Your cute in every picture:)you have a beautiful soul and I’m glad your mine..”

Then on July 2, just a week before her body was found, Rolphe posted this on his Facebook wall. He wrote, “I love u Hun. Mrs. Heaven.King.Rolfe.”

Rolfe is being charged with assault in the second degree for the first case. He is also being charged for the murder of Heaven Angel King and for the abuse of a corpse in the second degree. He is schedule to be back in court in a few weeks.

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