Murder Suspect Pleads Not Guilty

EUGENE, Ore. — Court documents reveal a man charged with murder and arson confessed to hurting the victim and setting his house on fire to cover it up.

Robert Baimbridge appeared in court Monday. No family or friends of either Tholl or Baimbridge appeared to be there. Baimbridge pleaded not guilty to felony murder and arson. He was indicted just a few days ago on those charges.

A court document released to us by the Lane County prosecutors office states that in an interview Baimbridge confessed to causing injuries to Tholl and then setting the fire in an attempt to cover up the incident. The document also says that evidence at the scene indicated the death was suspicious because Tholl showed signs of injuries that were not caused solely by a fire.

We called and left a message with Baimbridge’s attorney for comment on these documents but did not receive a call back.


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  1. Elizabeth JC Baker says:

    You called my offices and I did not call back because I was in court in another county. We do not comment on information which is leaked to the press – especially information which has not been delivered to the Defendant and his team. We abhor the practice in Lane County which involve a criminal defendant’s attorney being notified of information such as arraignments from the press and not from the offices of the District Attorney – who apparently accord all courtesy to the press and none to the accused.

  2. Tracy says:

    Moji Tholl was a very good friend of mine. I live in lane county and have heard different people talking about the case(people who didn’t know I knew Tholl). I’ve even heard that more than Baimbridge and Tholl were @ the house. I’ll be there for the court appearance of Baimbridge on the 19th. I want the FACTS. And I want justice for the deceased.

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