Mushroom Pickers Warned to be Safe

WALTON, Ore. — The Lane County Sheriff’s Office is warning mushroom pickers to be safe when they go out picking.

Just this weekend four pickers got lost and had to be rescued.

The sheriff’s office says it heard mushrooms were running $7 a pound, so more pickers are out.

Deputies say the problem is pickers get out there and have their heads looking to the ground for so long they look up and are lost.

“Take warm clothes, rain gear, take a flashlight most people go why do you want a flashlight if you leave in the morning but you could get stuck out there and it could be dark,” said Deputy Paul Vitus, Lane County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s office says taking a whistle with you to alert searchers is also helpful.

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  1. owlbeback says:

    Pickers: Take a roll of flagging tape / Flag your route in / Pull flagging on your way out , Great way not to get lost, And the flagging is very reusable.

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