Music Festival Concerns Neighbors

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Not everyone was excited about all the music pumping from Mount Pisgah this weekend at the Kaleidoscope Music Festival. Some neighbors say it’s an unavoidable noise they’re definitely not happy about.

Residents living nearby say they’ve been making their feelings known from the first day they heard the festival was coming to town. The neighborhood association invited several Lane County commissioners over to experience it for themselves first hand.

Neighbors say the music was so loud, it would rattle their stoves and dishes on the table.

The county says the volume was much higher than they expected and it’s something they are looking into.

“Unfortunately, I started receiving calls from Springfield residents who were hearing the noise at 3 to 4 o’clock in the morning,” said Sid Leiken, Lane County Commissioner.

“There is no illegal use on the land, though I have not seen the decibel ratings because there are regulations surrounding that, but what we need to look at is that the appropriate use for Buford park?” said Pat Farr, Lane County Commissioner.

The county says it’s coordinating a full debriefing to address all issues once all the reports are in. While whether or not a public hearing will be held on the matter is still up in the air, commissioners are inviting people to speak during public comment sections at any of their meetings.

With the big numbers of people passing through, residents were also worried about crime both in and outside of the venue. Neighbors say they heard of several arrests. One resident says someone broke into their shed.

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office, who were on site throughout the weekend, has not confirmed if any arrest were made or crimes were committed.

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