My First Mother’s Day

I always wondered why moms needed a whole day of recognition. I mean, I knew they did a lot, but now I really know why.
The first week after having Hailey, I immediately called my mom and apologized for everything I had ever done to her, and then I thanked her for being my mom.
Until you have a child, you don’t realize everything your mom does for you.
I can only imagine I will be apologizing more once Hailey becomes a teenager.
I know I am only four months in, but I already am fully aware that this is the hardest job in the world, and yes, this is why moms deserve some recognition.
I also think it is a reminder for moms of how much those little people do for them and will do.
I know for some people this day can also be sad because you may have lost your mom or you can’t have kids or, sadly, you have lost a child.
Above all, I am thankful there is a day that reminds all of us the importance of family.
My mom and dad flew up from California to spend this first Mother’s Day with us. We had a beautiful brunch and walked around Owen’s Rose Garden.
Brian’s gift to me on my first Mother’s Day will forever be in my heart.
He took a picture of Hailey’s silhouette and had it made into a necklace. She is now hanging over my heart when I can’t be close to her.
And, Hailey made me an art project at daycare (okay her teacher did), but wow, my first gift from Hailey. This sappy mom will save it forever.
Thank you to all the moms and future moms who give selflessly every day.

Mother's Day Post


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  1. Danielle says:

    What a sweet gift! Where was it made? I would love to have that of my kiddos!

    1. KEZI Staff says:


    2. Jennifer Richardson says:

      Yeah Brian had it made on ETSY:) so neat!!!

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