Myrtle Creek Woman In The Philippines

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MYRTLE CREEK, Ore. — One of the strongest storms on record, Typhoon Haiyan, slammed into the Philippines Friday.

There are new reports that more than 100 bodies are lying in the streets of a central city.

A Myrtle Creek man is waiting to hear from his wife whose been in the Philippines for the last two weeks.

Del Blanchard says his wife Evelyn went over to the Philippines for a family gathering. Del says he heard from her two days ago and now has lost contact.

He says he’s been checking his email a lot just waiting to hear from her and trying to keep busy in the meantime.

Del says he built a home in the Philippines that he thinks is very structurally sound, made of concrete.

“So I am not that much worried about her physical safety as just all the psychological and emotional [safety],” said Del. “Probably she is worrying more about me than she is herself because she is a natural born worrywart.”

When the storm made landfall there were reports of wind gusts reaching 230 miles per hour.

Del says Evelyn is very loved in the area and teaches students who are having difficulties in school and have dropped out.

He says a lot of people have been calling to make sure he is ok.

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