Nam Rock Special to Air on Radio Station

EUGENE, Ore. — A local radio station is getting ready to air its award-winning Memorial Day broadcast.

It’s called Nam Rock The Soundtrack of the Vietnam War. The special airs Monday, Memorial Day at 1 p.m. on KKNX Radio 840 AM.

The station started airing the special about seven years ago and each year it changes. It features music from that time period even interviews with soldiers that wrote the music.

There are also some local people involved and you’ll hear programs from the Vietcong. The station’s owner is also a Vietnam veteran and says this is a realistic representation of what happened.

“This is not a reporter saying ‘This is what I think and this is what I have learned’ or garnered. It is actually guys who were there did it said okay walked back home and said wow, and there was still 58,000 that didn’t make it back,” said John Mielke, KKNX Owner.

The broadcast is also a permanent part of the Smithsonian Institute’s exhibit of music and folklore of the Vietnam War.

Click here to hear the broadcast live.

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