National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

EUGENE, Ore. — Local organizations offered free testing Thursday, Feb. 7 for National Black HIV and AIDS Awareness Day.

Statistics show while blacks make up about 14 percent of the population, the group accounts for 44 percent of the nation’s new HIV infections.

The Lane Community College Health Clinic was one of several locations offering free testing. Organizers hope events like this will encourage the disease’s victims to share their experiences.

“I feel like bringing more awareness and educating everyone around us is a way to use it as a tool of educating and preventing it in the long run,” said Madeleine Galo, event organizer.

Coordinators say while it’s National Black HIV and AIDS Awareness Day, everyone should get tested.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Is there going to be a National White HIV/AIDS Awareness Day? How about Hispanic Awareness Day. Where’s the awarness day for the other 56%?

  2. Ben Dover says:

    And they call us caucasions racist. We should have a National White History day. Or how about a NCAWP day? I feel discriminated upon.

  3. don jones says:

    sounds racist and discriminatory.

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