NCU Students Volunteer for Nonprofits

EUGENE, Ore. — Students of Northwest Christian University pitched in to help the community in a variety of ways Wednesday.

It’s part of the annual Embrace the Community Day, and students all over Eugene helped out with more than a dozen different projects. There was everything from preparing the Egan Warming Center, to helping out with trail renovation at Mt. Pisgah.

“I think the main thing that they’re grasping is there are more things to Eugene/Springfield than just what’s on our campus. So we’re trying to get kids out and about seeing some different areas while at the same time, and more importantly, serving the community,” said Corey Anderson, NCU Athletic Director.

This was the university’s fifth annual Embrace the Community Day. More than 300 students took part.

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  1. David Hubbs says:

    Thank you KEZI for covering our Embrace the Community Day we appreciate it.

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