Nearly 34,000 Hunters Could Face Fine

MARCOLA, Ore. — A Marcola hunter says he’s upset with how the state is handling hunting reports.

Nearly 34,000 hunters could face a $25 fine because of a law that took effect last year. The law requires hunters to tell the state how they did on their 2012 deer and elk hunts. The state wants better stats on hunting success and harvest rates.

Bow hunter Mike Turpin hasn’t been hunting in 10 years and was shocked by the news. He says the ODFW should look into other alternatives than issuing fees.

“A lot of people can’t afford these fines and fees. They have a hard enough time with their tags and license fees and stuff, and it’s getting so it’s a rich man’s sport,” Turpin said.

Hunters could face the fine when they apply for their 2014 license.


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  1. Glenda Slinger says:

    I think that is awful, why don’t they instead, ask you when you apply for your new license, how you did last year and it would all be taken care of???? I know a lot of people who dear & elk hunt for meat for the winter.. I came back to Oregon after 35 years about seven years ago and I can’t believe all the rules & regulations that have changed. Most people I know that hunt are very conscientious about their hunting and where they go etc. The people that break the rules are going to do it whether there are rules or not.

  2. connie says:

    Actually the mandatory reporting has been in place for years. They finally had to enact a penalty now because so many don’t bother. When you buy your tags, it’s right on there that you have to report. Your choice not to! It’s easy! I can’t see why anyone would fight it so much. They gave a break on not fining anyone for many years. Suck it up and obey the laws. They made this one too easy not to do! It costs you nothing if you do it.

    1. Out says:

      Actually there is no law that governs this. There is no ORS that can be used to fine citizens based on their inability to report on their hunting habits.

      Speeding yes, ORS for that. Theft, Yes, ORS for that.

      Not responding to a survey, NO, there is no ORS that allows for the fining of personnel for that.

      1. KEZI Staff says:

        According to ODFW’s website, “the financial penalty was put in place by the Fish and Wildlife Commission in October 2012 because although reporting has been “mandatory” since 2007, just 41 percent of tags were reported by deadlines in 2011.” Click here to read more about it: http://www.dfw.state.or.us/news/2013/november/111813.asp

  3. Jennifer says:

    I know someone caught in this ridiculous ploy to get more money out of law abiding, tax paying citizens… It wasn’t enough that the obligatory tooth sample was submitted within the required time frame (which to me is reporting on how they did on their hunt, no?). But he was forced to pay the additional fine because internal systems couldn’t do all that at once. Crock of crap!!

  4. Mark Richardson says:

    Wow, “KEZI Staff”, the poor reporting of this story has adversely affected my opinion of your professionalism. For starters, why are you quoting an opinion about mandatory reporting that was put in place in 2007 from someone who hasn’t hunted for 10 years?!! The penalty was added in 2012 due to low compliance with the requirement (41%). October of 2012 would have been a good time for this story if you were interested in providing a service to viewers in the form of information about why it’s necessary and how EASY it is to accomplish – and how it’s free. You could have mentioned that the requirement is written on the licenses, tags, and regulation books. You could have also run a story in January, 2013 about the reminders that were mailed to every hunter who hadn’t submitted the information yet, along with news stories, magazine ads, etc., and how ODFW was offering a chance for a free special tag as an incentive. It appears KEZI staff are more interested in riling up the viewers rather than providing a public service by informing folks. For anyone who wants information about this issue and finds this KEZI story completely lacking, try this Website: http://www.dfw.state.or.us/resources/hunting/reporting/index.asp
    And here’s an example of better reporting on the same story:

  5. T Graves says:

    I got a hunting license this year but didn’t hunt. What the hell? I get a fine for not reporting my results of a trip that I didn’t take? Why do people keep electing democrats?

    1. Corey says:

      T Graves, all you have to do is check a box on the ODFW website and tell them you didn’t hunt and didn’t shoot anything. Have some respect for the sport, animals, and land. It took you more time to post your message on this site than it does to let ODFW know what you did or didn’t kill. Too many lazy people in our country, you’re to blame for the fines not democrats.

      1. Out says:

        Yep, just remember when Daniel Boone went out into the woods, if he came back without an animal, the early government cited ol Mr. Boone for not reporting on this hunting statistics.

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