Neglected Pit Bull Tied to Mailbox

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Note: Some of the images in the video above may be graphic.

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Springfield Police are looking for whoever is responsible for tying up an extremely malnourished pit bull to a set of mailboxes in Springfield, abandoning it in the freezing temperatures.

The dog was found tied up with what looked like a TV cable at 47th and Aster early Monday morning.

Employees at Omlid and Sweeney were able to rescue him. They say once they got close, they were shocked to see just how bad of shape he was in.

The pit bull, Calvin, was named by and in the hands of First Avenue Shelter staff. They believe the pit bull terrier boy is around 4 years old, he barely weighs over 50 pounds, and he has some visible scars and sores.

Investigators say they don’t know how many hours he was left in the cold, but temperatures did get down to as low as 23 degrees overnight.

Patrol officers responded to an initial call from a neighbor who heard barking. They later found out Calvin had been taken in by Omlid and Sweeney employees.

Workers there say after some treats and a nice warm building, he was quickly trusting and very loving.

“It will never cease to amaze me in this job seeing something that has been through so much pain like that and so much neglect, that it’s still willing to be somebody’s best friend and not hold a grudge against people even though people are what’s done this to him,” said Brian Austin, Springfield Animal Control Officer.

Investigators say whoever did this faces at least animal neglect and abandonment charges.

Although Calvin has some obvious recovering to do, there have already been multiple inquiries from potential adopters.

So far Springfield Police still have no leads. They say if you think you recognize this dog to please give them a call.


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  1. Cyndi says:

    Hoping that a kind soul put Calvin in a place where he could be rescued from neglect and abuse. It worked! You go Calvin!

  2. Mariah Kennedy says:

    Its completey sad how people are in the world.. Animals are soo precious and they cant talk like we can! like come on, the people that like to abuse such things shall die! Honest truth

  3. Catherine says:

    So people will inquire about a dog they hear on the news…. what about all the other dogs in the shelter that need homes too?

  4. ashley says:

    hello.. i was watching the news last night and i saw this dog it is sad…
    but this is not the reason im commenting.. im 14 and i went to the dentis last friday and there was a girl there saying she lost two of her pitbulls that she loved very much and what she described one of her pitbulls like this one.. i hope you can reply to me..
    oh and she also had putin up adds on craigslist of two missing pitbulls…

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