Neighborhood Fights Crime with Facebook

CRESWELL, Ore. — A recent rash of burglaries has led a neighbor to create a new neighborhood watch program.

About 8 to 10 burglaries have been reported in Creswell in both the city and the outskirts over that past few weeks. The burglaries were violent, as far as kicking doors down and taking large amounts of property, valuables and even guns.

Old neighborhood watch signs line streets, but the crime prevention program has been re-energized online.

Fed up with crime, neighbor Omar Bowles turned to Facebook and created the Creswell Neighborhood Watch.

It’s been gaining “likes”; but more importantly, it’s getting information out.

Users share suspicious activity, describing suspects to be on the lookout for and also watching homes of residents at work during the day.

“So that’s the biggest thing we want to do is deter crime by letting people know that we are here,” Bowles said.

Residents have been uniting.

“We are a close knit community here. We don’t need this in our neighborhood and the message needs to get out to people that are doing it, take it somewhere else,” Bowles said.


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  1. TJohnson says:

    That group is doing more harm than good. It’s full of paranoid and prejudice accusations of innocent people. They are making innocent kids and bikers out to look like bad guys.

    Also, they are posting their personal information, work hours, and even the age/gender of the people in their house.

    If you want to rob, kidnap, or vandalize people in Creswell, that’s the best place to get information on your targets.

    Come on people!

    1. Arrow says:

      So, what’s your solution? EVERY house surround us has been hit, we’ve been hit twice… Anyone who doesn’t live in my neighborhood is suspect. When I see bikes with bike trailers loaded with something different every time they drive by, I have an obligation to be suspicious. When I see bike slowly meandering down the road texting while examining every house, I have an obligation to be suspicious. We don’t have enough policing going on to deter all the crime that is going on, what should we do, just let this go on????

    2. Creswell Neighborhood Watch says:

      You are so wrong TJohnson. You apparentlly have not read our site and its feedback. First, we do NOT post any personal information on our page. We post the street areas of where the crimes are being reported to the sheriff’s department and by those reported by fellow citizens.
      We do not and have not posted information about innocent bicyclists, we have posted about people that ride by repeatedly talking on their cellphones adn saying things like, “They are not home right now and they left the window open!” or people that ride by with bike trailers with items covered by blue tarps, not just once or twice, but dozens of times with random stuff.
      Again, if you read our site you will see the hundreds of good postings and sharing of information that to date has thwarted MANY incidents of crime in our city. You talk about paranoia, the dictionary defines it as :” a tendency on the part of an individual or group toward suspiciousness and distrustfulness of others.” To be a vigilant society we need a little bit of paranoia. I have gotten 99.9% positive feedback from my community adn from law enforcement. Also, I have dozens of cities around the nation that have contacted me about starting pages for their communities.
      Get informed before you spew falsehoods.

  2. Grateful says:

    I live in Creswell and I support this messege. I feel safer and more connected for it!

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