Neighbors Fight Off Attacker

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EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene woman and her husband thanked their quick-thinking neighbors Monday. They helped save the woman from a violent attack at the couples’ home.

The 50-year-old woman was attacked at her home on Raber Road around 2 a.m. Monday. Her husband, who neighbors say was at work, thanked his neighbors for putting their lives at risk for her.

Tina Fluent-Goddard has lived in a quiet neighborhood in west Eugene with her family for three years. There have been no disturbances until Monday morning.

“I woke up out of bed at about a little after 2:00 in the morning and I heard someone yelling ‘help me,’” Fluent Goddard said.

She peeked out of her window and across the street in her neighbor’s driveway, was something she didn’t expect.

“I saw the neighbor laying outside of her garage and I woke my husband up. He ran outside and the guy was on top of her, banging her head on the ground, and she was screaming that he was trying to kill her,” Fluent-Goddard said.

Eugene Police says Tyler Joseph Kowalchuk broke into the victim’s home on the 600 block of Raber Road. Investigators say he started attacking her in the hallway of the house and she fought her way out of the garage and into the driveway. That’s when she was able to get the attention of her neighbors.

“She was very good at screaming and letting people know that he was going to hurt her and so it was just one of those things where you act. My husband just went purely on adrenaline,” Fluent-Goddard said.

Her husband was able to hold the attacker down until police arrived.

Eugene Police commended not only the neighbors for doing the right thing, but also the victim.

“I’m really proud of her for fighting through it and helping get herself through to a successful outcome,” said Lt. Scott Fellman, Eugene Police Department.

Now neighbors are working to bring peace and quiet back to their street.

“We all just want to rally around that family and love on them and serve them anyway we can and show our support,” said neighbor Katie Torkornoo

“She was quite amazing for knowing she needed to get out and get help,” Fluent-Goddard said.

The victim’s husband says she suffered a mild concussion and some injuries from a butter knife the attacker used, but she is at home recovering.

EPD says the suspect remains in jail and faces several charges including attempted murder and burglary.

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