Neighbors Find Young Injured Horse

injured_horseCENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Neighbors on a rural Central Point street are upset and confused after finding a young horse outside one of their homes Wednesday Morning.

The horse that they called “Lacey” had a bad leg injury when they found her, and those neighbors called the Jackson County Sheriffs Office and the Res-Q Ranch to try to help the horse, and try to find out more information.

Since the horse was not branded and had no identifying factors connecting her to her owner, the sheriffs department could not further investigate how the horse got to the location and if it was neglected.

Those neighbors and organizations hope that Lacey’s heartbreaking story can remind livestock owners that if they cannot care for animals, they have other alternatives and options.

Res-Q Ranch owners say to contact their facility if they do not want their animal anymore, or cannot care for it.

If you or anyone you know recognizes the horse or has any information about the case, contact the Jackson County Sheriffs Office.

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