Neighbors Oppose Proposed UO Golf Course

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CRESWELL, Ore. — Some Creswell-area neighbors are fighting plans to build a University of Oregon golf course on rural farmland.

They appealed the county’s approval of a land use change.

On Thursday, both sides met with a mediator who will make a decision roughly 10 days after Christmas.

At issue, neighbors say a golf course might end up using lots of pesticides or leaving little irrigation water for nearby farms.

“They are locked into a mindset that says we have to have visual perfection as opposed to playability,” said neighbor Paula Grisafi.

“It’s probably not reasonable to have the quality of golf course that’s desired here without the use of some amount of chemical pesticides,” said land use consultant Mike Evans.

The university wanted to build the course as a spot for its golf team to practice. Staff would be allowed to play there, too.

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  1. jason marks says:

    maybe the creswell residents who oppose it, could walk to work and not use any electricity, gasoline, plastic (anything), water or even breathe.

    they could offset the “suspected” use of chemicals by their “actual” disuse of their own chemical causing ways.


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