Neighbors Petition for Turn Lane

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — Neighbors are petitioning to have a left turn lane installed after a fatal crash outside of Corvallis last week.

Oregon State Police say 29-year-old Dominic Schlundt died on Wednesday when he was turning from Highway 20 onto Merloy Avenue near the Farm Home. The crash happened before the snow started falling Thursday morning.

Investigators say he was rear-ended, thrown from his vehicle and died.

Neighbors living in the area say the highway is narrow, and that crashes happen at the intersection all the time. One neighbor says enough is enough.

“Every single time I leave my house and have to come back and make the left-hand-turn, I’m scared to death,” said Christine Kramer, who is organizing the petition.

Kramer says if a turn-lane isn’t put it, she will move. She thinks a turn-lane would prevent crashes in the future that could save other lives. She worries about the safety of anyone going through the intersection, but she says as a mother, she continues to worry about the safety of her daughter.

“When she’s not with me and somebody else is driving her home from some place, I have a sickness in my stomach,” she said. “If I hear a noise, a loud noise when I’m sitting in my house, my heart literally skips a beat because I’ve just been so traumatized by all the horrible accidents I’ve seen on this corner.”

ODOT says it’s looking into the crash history of the area before anything can be done.

If you have any stories about the intersection or would like to get in touch with the neighbors to join the fight, contact Kramer at her grooming business Happy Tails at: (541) 752-3898.

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  1. Patty Mason says:

    I have known Dom since he was in utero. This was so preventable, it’s sickening! Now his family, his new wife, his friends, will never get to grow old with him for won’t of a light that should have been there years ago!

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