Neighbors React to Baimbridge’s Charges

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Robert Baimbridge was last seen in court on Friday when he was formally charged with killing another man and burning his Eugene home down.

Baimbridge is accused of killing Mo Tholl in a River Road home and then setting the house on fire. It happened on Tuesday. On Sunday, as the Tholl family continued to mourn their loss, those living near Baimbridge were still trying to wrap their head around what happened.

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office said Baimbridge and Tholl were both linked to the home along with a woman who lived there named Shawna Schmidt. All three had a history of domestic disputes between one another. Tholl and Baimbridge both had children with Schmidt.

Both families refused to comment on what happened after we contacted them, but people who live in Baimbridge’s town said the news comes as a shock.

“What little I do know of his parents I’ve met…I’ve met them. They’ve been really kind and friendly. So that is a surprise when something like that happens,” said neighbor Doug Hostetler.

Funeral services have yet to be planned for Tholl. Baimbridge is due back in court on Nov. 19.

A local organization called Random Acts of Kindness Eugene, along with the Red Cross, is trying to help the four children left behind from this tragedy. Any gift cards, toys and clothing sizes 6/8 or 14/16 can be dropped off to any Eugene Dari Mart.

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