Neighbors Remember Don Dorry After Crash

Springfield, ORE. — A hard hat memorial now stands where Don Dorry’s car came to a stop last night.

Witnesses think Dorry had a heart attack behind the wheel, causing him to swerve up on the sidewalk, and crash right in front of the 76 gas station on Main Street in Springfield. Friends and neighbors say they still can’t believe he’s gone.

“He was on his way home, he was just on his way home,” said 76 gas station attendant, James Wichert.

Friends say Don Dorry was just ten blocks from his house when he crashed his 1987 El Camino out in front of the Main Street 76. James Wichert and his co-workers say they’ve pumped Dorry’s gas for years, so they’re used to seeing him at the station, but they never wanted to see him like they did last night.

“All of a sudden, I just hear a pop, he jumped the curb, and we immediately look and I just see him hunched over, like no ones driving,” said Wichert.

That’s when Cayce Talder rushed over from his shop across the street.

“I ran over and I tried to talk to him because he was hunched over in the car,” said Talder.

Dorry wasn’t just a regular at the 76, he frequented Talder’s shop, too. Talder sold Dorry the El Camino he was driving, and his motorcycle. Talder says he couldn’t believe he was watching his friend of 25 years pass away right in front of him.

“The Fire Department and the paramedics, by the time they got there, it was kind of a little late,” said Talder.

Paramedics took Dorry to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Friends say even though he’s gone, his memory will live on.

“I don’t know of anybody that’s got a bad thing to say about Don. I’ve had calls from the coast already, people just wanting to know what happened and what’s going on, the hot rod community, the clean and sober biker community, everybody, ya know my phone’s been going off all morning because of this stuff,” said Talder.

Talder says they’re not the conversations he wants to have, but he wants to do his best to honor Don.

“He was one of those down to earth, quiet, but justa good person. Ya know, and now everytime I see a black harley with white walls, I’m gonna think of Don Dorry,” said Talder.


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  1. James Dorry says:

    A message from your older brother. Dear Don. You were one in a million. While sometimes you had a short fuse, as most siblings do with each other, your self sacrifice and love for others was longer country mile. After mom’s near fatal accident you visited her almost daily, often times selling personal property to raise gas money to drive to Portland, and then to Eugene where she was moved after almost a year. She remained in the nursing home almost another year and then you moved her home. You became her full time personal caregiver. You gave up so much to give full time care to mom. You knew that one of God’s calling on all our lives is care for our parents in their old age. You did what some wouldn’t or couldn’t do. I may have served in the Armed Forces for 30 years and received many medals, awards and promotions, but all that pales in comparison to your devotion and love above and beyond the call of duty. I am sorry I never said this enough while you were with us. I pray your spirit has been made aware of this by our Lord and Savior. It would be painful to have to wait until our time is up to share how much of a blessing you were to us in your selflessness. I love you and thank God for who God created you to be.


  2. Rebecca says:

    You’re a good brother Jim

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