Neighbors Remember Father and Son

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COOS COUNTY, Ore. — Zachary Brimhall the suspect in the Coos County shootings and his father Ray Brimhall were from Dillard a small town just south of Roseburg.

The small town of about 500 is in disbelief of what happened after three men were killed in what appears to be a murder-suicide in Coos County early Tuesday morning.

They say word of what happened is spreading fast and many of them heard the news at the local market, the Dillard Store.

One employee who didn’t want to go on camera said ray was a very friendly guy who rode his bike often.

The employee also said she heard Zachary called his dad Ray the night before the shooting for help because he had car troubles in Coos County.

But the employee says word in town is that was just a ploy to murder Ray.

A neighbor says she just spoke with ray the other day and is in shock.

“It’s more shocking knowing that it was his own son. That’s I mean — who would set somebody that over the edge? That’s kind of personal,” said neighbor Haven Frey.

Frey and the Dillard Store employee says they had no knowledge of a strained relationship between the father and son it’s believed the two lived together.

We did reach out to those living at the home of the apparent home of the two but they declined to go on camera.

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