Neighbors to Discuss Possible Cell Tower

cell tower

EUGENE, Ore. — A town hall meeting is happening Thursday night to discuss the installation of a cell tower in a south Eugene neighborhood.

AT&T has been eyeing the property at Crossfire Ministries on Amazon Drive since this summer. The tower would be disguised as a tree, called a monopine.

Pastor Aaron Taylor says it would help the church raise money for their outreach programs and they’ve done their research on health risks. But some who live in the neighborhood are upset and say the church is acting irresponsibly.

“There’s no safe amount of radio frequency radiation for any living being. We no for sure that a cell tower’s frequencies are very unhealthy for bees, and birds and humans,” said resident Jane Katra.

“There’s a lot of people reading stuff online, and everything online is not exactly true. So if they’ll listen, we’ve got good research. And the federal government allows cell towers for a reason with certain setbacks. We’ve met all of those setbacks,” said Aaron Taylor, Crossfire Ministries Pastor

Crossfire hopes to install the tower as soon as permits are approved. That could be anywhere from a few months up to a year.

The meeting starts at 6 p.m. at Calvary Chapel of Eugene, located at 4060 W. Amazon Drive.


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  1. cc says:

    Rev. Aaron Taylor of Cross Fire Ministeries runs 7 fireworks
    outlets in Lane County.
    His latest business plan is to try and put a 8-story cell tower
    with multiple antennas at his church property in at 4060 W. Amazon
    in Eugene. He said in the Register Guard article that he was also
    trying to put up a large cell tower on his church property in Springfield.
    LLC Buy-Out Companies are willing to pay $$$ for these tower
    Many neighbors feel that the only reason Taylor even bought the
    Eugene property was to put up the tower. This is a small lot in the
    the middle of a residential area, near a school, day-care & senior
    facility. There are families living within 100 ft. of the proposed 8-story
    tower plus additional grounding infrastructure. In addition to health,
    safety and noise concerns, according to the internet, property values
    of our home will be decreased from 2-10% depending to closeness
    to the tower.

  2. cc says:

    Rev. Taylor-today I rode out to look at a mono-pine that
    has recently been put up at the Glenwood Dump. Like the
    one that you are trying to put up in our neighborhood-it too,
    was about 8 stories high. I was appalled when saw it. It’s huge
    and so very ugly; there’s a metal fence surrounding it with warning
    signs of “”Danger.””
    You have a small lot and your proposal to the City Planning
    Commission suggested building this tower right into the existing
    church building. I don’t think that you have thought this through.
    You have families living right next to your church and you have the
    health of people from the church to consider.
    There is so information readily available about the health dangers
    of these cell towers-Dr. Paul Dart, Magda Havass, Barrie Trowler,
    Dr. Mercola, etc and there are countless dvds-Resonance Beings of
    Frequency, Take Back Your Power, DNA, Democracy and the Wireless
    Revolution, etc.
    The Eugene Planning Commission found 10 and 1/2 pages of
    problems with your proposal for the cell tower. I hope that you will
    seriously look at all the problems and let this idea be but a very unfortunate
    memory for all of us.

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