Neighbors to Discuss Possible Cell Tower

cell tower

EUGENE, Ore. — A town hall meeting is happening Thursday night to discuss the installation of a cell tower in a south Eugene neighborhood.

AT&T has been eyeing the property at Crossfire Ministries on Amazon Drive since this summer. The tower would be disguised as a tree, called a monopine.

Pastor Aaron Taylor says it would help the church raise money for their outreach programs and they’ve done their research on health risks. But some who live in the neighborhood are upset and say the church is acting irresponsibly.

“There’s no safe amount of radio frequency radiation for any living being. We no for sure that a cell tower’s frequencies are very unhealthy for bees, and birds and humans,” said resident Jane Katra.

“There’s a lot of people reading stuff online, and everything online is not exactly true. So if they’ll listen, we’ve got good research. And the federal government allows cell towers for a reason with certain setbacks. We’ve met all of those setbacks,” said Aaron Taylor, Crossfire Ministries Pastor

Crossfire hopes to install the tower as soon as permits are approved. That could be anywhere from a few months up to a year.

The meeting starts at 6 p.m. at Calvary Chapel of Eugene, located at 4060 W. Amazon Drive.

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