Neighbors Upset about Proposed Cemetery

EUGENE, Ore. — Neighbors are fighting back against plans to build a cemetery near an existing church.

Public comment about the proposal will wrap up Tuesday afternoon, which means it’s now up to the city whether the graves can go in.

But residents posted signs around the neighborhood saying “No Graveyard.” They worry about its impact on more than just their property value.

“Most of the houses around here are on a water well, not city water. That stuff is going to leech. I don’t know how fast, but it’s going to leech,” said Eugene resident Robert Taylor.

“If there is a valid concern that endangers the health and safety of people, of course that’s something that we take very seriously,” said Father Jerry Markopoulos, St. George Greek Orthodox.

The church says the cemetery is a way to honor its deceased members.


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  1. jason marks says:

    that “stuff” is going to leech….

    I’ve never heard of such a crazy statement.

    Very creative.


    Put the cemetery in.

  2. Kelly Dunn says:

    To Jason Marks,

    Sceintifically proven to leech into the soil, and this is the worst possible ground for it. Especially since most of the residents on this street drink from an aquifer below.

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