New 24-Hour Bathroom to be Installed

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EUGENE, Ore. — A big announcement from the city of Eugene.

It’s adding a new bathroom near the new skate park at Washington Jefferson Park.

The city says it made the decision to install a 24-hour unisex bathroom in the park because it’s a basic human need.

Designers made it different from the last bathroom for a couple of reasons.

Parks and Open Space landscape architect Emily Proudfoot says the previous bathroom which was located under the bridge, attracted all sorts of activity.

So planners decided to move it toward Jefferson Street where it will be well lit at night.

And instead of it being fully enclosed, it will have grates on the bottom and top to help stop suspicious activity.

“At night time it’s going to have a lot more visibility and be really well lit so that you know ideally if a cop drives by and shines a light underneath, through the mesh bottom you can see how many pairs of feet are in there and you know what kind of degree of safety seems to be happening,” said Proudfoot.

SLEEPS protesters we spoke with Thursday say this is a step in the right direction but they’d like to see public showers too.

The bathroom is expected to be completed between November and December of this year.

The full construction of the skate park should be finished next April.


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  1. Randy Cain says:

    Good job. Fair, balanced and objective. Thank you.

  2. Eugene Guy says:

    Oh good, a place downtown to have sex and do drugs while the police are busy stopping other crimes.

  3. jason marks says:

    sleeps, …. nothing is never enough… you can see that by their comment.

  4. Valerie Goodness says:

    Thank you Eugene. As a parent with a disabled child, who needs constant bathroom breaks, having restrooms available shows that you value all people, not just those that can pay local businesses for their service, in order to use their restroom. Many of the downtown businesses would, rudely, tell me to take my son to a restaurant nearby, refusing to allow him to use their restroom facilities . I would also like to remind Eugenians that SLEEPS was not just advocating restrooms for our houseless relatives, but also for our elderly, pregnant, disabled and toddler relatives that need to use restrooms more frequently than average adults. Downtown is not accommodating for them either.

  5. Michael Gilbert says:

    This is a good idea. It’s not an easy thing to design public restrooms with 24 hour availability that won’t be abused by some. I know the constant problem they represent after policing this city for 25 years. We could use more of these facilities, but they are expensive. As for what SLEEPS thinks? They can take a hike. This city does more for those in need than most any other city in the country. With leaches like SLEEPS we can never do enough. We could be providing them million dollar homes with umbrella drinks by the pool at no cost to them and it wouldn’t be enough. They need to get off whatever drugs they are on, get jobs of their own, and pay their own way. I don’t mind helping folks that truly cannot look after themselves, but these SLEEPS folks are takers, pure and simple.

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