New Bar, Coffee Shop Opens in Downtown

EUGENE, Ore. — A new downtown business is serving up an interesting pairing.

The Barn Light, just across from Kesey Square in downtown Eugene, has mixed coffee and alcohol for about a week now. Folks don’t have to necessarily get them together, though the option is available any time of the day.

The owners came up with the concept years ago while working at similar shop in Kansas. For them, the main focus is to cultivate an all-encompassing environment.

“Our whole theme this entire time has been about creating a space and comfortable environment where people want to start their day, spend their day and raise their glass to the end of the day, as we like to say it,” said Dustin Kinsey, Barn Light co-owner.

The shop is one of several to open up there, all of which are hoping to change the face and atmosphere of the downtown area.


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  1. yani says:

    I think is way cool and a great concept. Sometimes you just want to be in calm environment have some coffee or a drink without crazy loudness downntown bars. I deffinitly have to make a stop sometime :)

  2. jason marks says:

    “start the day, spend the day, end the day?..” WE CALL THOSE PEOPLE DRUNKS AND LOSERS.

    1. Pete says:

      Sounds like someone could use a drink.

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