New “Bling” at Fifth Steet Market

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EUGENE, Ore. –The Inn at the Fifth is getting some “bling;” a new jewelry boutique has just moved in. H Boutique owner Tobey Ritchie wanted to try something totally different. She says this boutique is unlike anything else in Eugene; a place where fashion meets fine jewelry.

H Boutique is a concierge style experience with plenty of complimentary services, not just for the Inn at the Fifth guests, but also for Eugene residents. The store offers free services from personal styling to spa-like treatments for jewelry.

Ritchie’s family owns Harry Ritchie’s Jewelers, a business her grandfather started nearly 57 years ago. She said H Boutique is another way of carrying on her grandfather’s legacy.

“The H Boutique and the ‘H’ itself stands for the innovative mind of my grandfather, Harry Ritchie, and we are so excited and we know he would be so proud of the H Boutique.” said Ritchie.

The concept of H Boutique is one Richie has had for awhile, but she needed a location. H boutique is different from Harry Ritchie’s Jewelers; selling different products, brands and services.

When you hear boutique and jewelry in the same sentence you probably start seeing dollar signs; but Ritchie says you can find pieces for under $30.

The H Boutique opens Thursday for regular business. They also cater to private parties and special events.

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