New Co-Housing Neighborhood in the Works

EUGENE, Ore. — A new housing concept is in the works in Eugene. The goal is to put “neighbor” back in neighborhood.

Oakleigh Meadows, a co-housing project situated along the Willamette River, is still evolving.

The project is moving along.

The land is secure–2.2 acres butted up to the Willamette River.

The goal is to build between 24 to 28 two- to four-bedroom units. Each unit has its own kitchen and backyard.

In the plans, all vehicles parked on the outside.

Also on the property is a garden area, a bicycle barn and a work shop.

The center focus of this co-housing neighborhood would be the common house area, a place where neighbors will come together for activities like shared meals two to five times week or even a cup coffee.

“What I see in co-housing is a deliberate attempt to recreate neighborhoods that used to exist naturally,” said Co-Housing Consultant Kathryn McCamant

McCamant is the consultant, and she knows everything there is about co-housing. She even wrote a book that’s inspired more than 150 co-housing projects in the U.S.

“Think what really makes it work is that you still have your own privacy,” McCamant said.

For those financially invested, it’s about a neighborhood where you know your neighbors.

“I think the core is, where do I want to raise my daughter. I want to raise my child in a circle of other people,” Oakleigh Meadow Full Member Joan Connolly.

If plans continue at the current rate, construction will begin in two years.

For more information on Oakleigh Meadows, click here.

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