New Concerns Over Former County Employee

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LANE COUNTY, Ore. — A renewed request to look into actions involving former Lane County administrator Liane Richardson.

Commissioner Sid Leiken was firm in his email he sent out Friday morning asking the county to look further into concerns regarding Richardson.

In the email commissioner Leiken sent to interim county administrator Alicia Hays and his fellow commissioners he asked, “Have we turned over every stone to make sure we know everything?”

“I’m just suggesting that you know why don’t we ask administrator Hays or interim administrator about potentially looking at is there something else out there that we need to be looking at,” said Leiken.

Commissioner Leiken says the board’s discussion Tuesday is what prompted his email.

“What came out of the information from the deferred comp committee and it was just kind of unusual,” said Leiken.

“I personally wanted to know well if we have this allegation that came out of the blue that nobody could’ve predicted it nobody could’ve expected it and no matter what kind of oversight the board had provided even stepping beyond our means of oversight it would’ve been difficult to see it. Is there anything else that we need to hear about,” said commissioner Pat Farr.

Farr who voiced his concerns Tuesday says the most recent allegations about the deferred compensation committee and Liane Richardson’s inappropriate relationship with a police officer raises red flags.

“I personally looked directly at the administrator and said ‘is there anything else?’ And I believe that Ms. Hays took it very seriously when I said that to her,” said Farr.

So commissioner Leiken would like the board to consider a pre-audit next Tuesday, to investigate further.

“As an elected official our job is the representative to the public. And we do not want the public feel like there’s not enough confidence here at the county to fulfill our jobs our duties,” said Leiken.

Tuesday commissioners will meet to discuss the potential pre-audit.

Leiken says the pre-audit would target no one specific.

But they do want to make sure there are no skeletons in the closet.


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