New Creswell Grocery Store Opens

NEW CRESWELL GROCERY STORECRESWELL, Ore. — Creswell now has its first grocery store in town since Ray’s closed its doors last year.

Farmlands Market opened for the first time Monday morning, drawing in a bigger crowd than owner, Jessica Moore, expected.

She says she’s glad Creswell now has a store in town so people don’t have to travel to Cottage Grove or Springfield for groceries, and she has a great outlook for the store after seeing the support from the community on the first day.

“Everything was stocked that we had, you know. We were running out of things…I did my first orders really low because I didn’t know what we’d sell, so we had a good problem, you know. Nothing bad happened,” Moore said.

Moore says she’s working on getting more products on the shelves in the next couple of days.

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