New Crosswalks to Make MLK Blvd. Safer

EUGENE, Ore. — Road work on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard is almost done.

One of the big components the city is just starting to put in is an addition that should make the busy road safer for pedestrians. City of Eugene Public Works crews just laid the concrete for two new crosswalks that are going in on MLK.

Public works says the crosswalks are intended to help LTD patrons who come out to MLK for the social services located there, but there’s no doubt the crosswalks will help with gameday traffic as well.

The addition comes a week after a car hit an elderly couple crossing MLK to go to the Emeralds baseball game.

The crosswalks could definitely help mediate competing car and foot traffic on the road.

The crosswalks are going to be ones that hang over the street and have flashing lights, similar to one installed at 15th Avenue and Chambers Street. They’re set to be fully functional by mid-October.

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