New Details in Road Rage Incident

EUGENE, Ore. — Court documents reveal more insight into an I-5 road rage incident where a Pleasant Hill man is accused of shooting out the windshield of a moving car.

Lawrence Michael admitted to Oregon State Police that he shot at a passing vehicle last month in an attempt to scare another driver.

Michael claims the driver was tailgating and flashing his high beams as he was headed into work.

Among several charges, Michaels now faces menacing and criminal mischief.


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  1. TLG says:

    how about attempted murder? He really should get jail time, and a lot of it.

  2. Nightrider says:

    I have CWP and if somebody did that same thing to me, I would have done the samething but only if I was concerned my life was in danger. Now you tell me exactly what Lawrence was thinking. No lawyer would be able to say what his thoughts were and proove it.
    Atta boy Lawrence!!!!!!

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