New Details on Springfield Shooting

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — New details have emerged about the shooting that happened in the parking lot of the Springfield Wal-Mart.

Police said the victim has been moved out of intensive care and his condition has been upgraded. One of the suspects is facing attempted murder charges.

The two suspects appeared in court today. Lane County prosecutors said they are going after an attempted murder charge against one suspect, Anthony Hillenius. He and the other suspect, Cory Monpas, also face charges of assault and robbery.

Police said the men are responsible for shooting the victim, John Anthony Magliana the Third, during a drug deal gone wrong.

Springfield Police said drugs have been a growing problem in the area the last few years and they consider drug deals a dangerous crime because they happen in public places many times. In this case, police found a stray bullet far away from the shooting scene, which could have injured or killed a bystander.

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  1. BJones says:

    Aww, that’s too bad. I hate when my drug deals go sideways. (*cough*)loser(*cough*)

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