New Eugene Women’s Center Opens

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EUGENE, Ore. — There was much rejoicing Saturday morning at the grand opening of the Eugene Mission’s Women’s Center.

The director says it’s been a long time coming.

“It did take about a year and a half to build and you know it was a slow but steady process. And I think you’ll find out and everybody that’s come through the building has said it’s really high quality and it’s going to last for years and year. And that’s what we wanted because unfortunately homelessness is not going to go away,” said Jack Tripp, Eugene Mission Executive Director.

The new facility is over 12,000 square feet and has over 100 beds.

Staff say the new building is a big step up from the previous facility.

“We were so crowded in the former women’s center that when all the women would show up at night we’d have people sitting on the floor because there wasn’t enough room,” said Dana Eck, Eugene Mission Senior Director of Operations.

But the new facility takes care of those space issues — with two areas for prayer, ample living space and closets full of clothes for women to pick out what they need.

Staff say their programs cater to long and short term stays.

“The whole point is that during that year they will have a tremendous life change that brings them to that point of being able to being productive in the community,” said Diane Manchester, Eugene Mission Life Change Program Coordinator.

Community members say people from all walks of life came out in support.

“It’s exciting to see everyone here. It’s exciting to see people passionate, it’s exciting to see people that are excited about the ministry that’s helping the most broken, poor you know hardest people to take care of really,” said Ethan Holub, Eugene resident.

The Women’s Center will begin to take care of the homeless women of Eugene in their big move Wednesday.

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