New Green Toyota Facility in Corvallis

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — The Toyota-Subaru dealership in Corvallis is getting a green makeover within the next year, and on Friday, it held a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate.

Toyota executives met with the owners of the store on Friday morning at the dealership’s site on NW 5th St. in Corvallis for the celebration.

“We are so excited because today is our groundbreaking ceremony,” said Barbara Jackson, Vice President of the dealership. “The environment needs us to be responsible. Not only for us, but for the future generations.”

Toyota says the new facility will be on the northern part of its current lot. It will be more than three times the size of its current building, and will produce its own energy and harvest its own water. The dealership says the project will cost approximately $10 million.

“The investment up front is pretty substantial,” said Mark Angelacos, General Manager for Toyota Motor Sales in the Portland Region. “But over time, the energy savings are substantial enough to pay for the project in a period of 10-20 years.”

Jackson says the building is a step the dealership needed to take as a responsible business.

“Not only to the environment, but to the community and to future generations,” she said.

After the structure is up, Toyota will be seeking a LEED certification.

“If we’re certified with the United States Green Building Design, what happens is it’s LEED certified,” Jackson said. “And that’s what you want to do. When you build green, you want that certification. Because that gives you all of your credibility.”

The dealership expects construction to start early this summer and hopes to open the new facility next year.

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