New Homeless Rest Stop near Amphitheater

rest stopEUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene City Council approved a new rest stop location near the Cuthbert Amphitheater, and it’s not sitting well with homeless advocates or surrounding businesses.

The city-owned property would house 15 people. It’s next to an existing car-camping area near the amphitheater bridge and the Science Factory parking lot.

Homeless advocates say they like the location but want it to be open to more people. People at the Science Factory say they weren’t part of the discussion.

“We’re concerned that this might not be an appropriate place for a homeless camp, given that we are an attraction. We have other neighbors that are also attractions for this area,” said Carolyn Rebbert, Science Factory Executive Director.

“There is a critical mass of people,” said Jennifer Frenzer of the Whoville Coalition. “We just wouldn’t be able to run the camp with 15.”

Councilor Pryor, who drafted the motion, says the main goal is to close Whoville, which should happen by April 15.


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  1. todd patopea says:

    this has gone on far too long. These are not campers they are criminals. this is a life choice for them. they are not interested in improving themselves they simply want squatters rights to do as they please. they will not even sign up for any day labor let alone even try to find regular work. they steal bikes, shopping carts, vandalize homes and business, they assault , use drugs openly and defile our community by defecating and urinating in public places at will. they have no care or concern for any but themselves. the city council is enabling their lifestyle and this would never be tolerated in any other community. this first started with the occupy camp at underbridge parkand lasted till there were numerous drug overdoses, drug dealing and using arrests, a rape and finally a murder. The mayor had to ultimately close it down. the closure and clean up cost to the city was extensive. then they moved to Wayne Morris free speech plaza. they trashe that to the point that the County MD said it was a health hazard. it was closed and the clean up cost was over $20,000. Enough is enough.

    1. hippie says:

      i am dumbfounded at how stupid some of you really are!!!.You think that the homeless issue just started when the occupy was started?..Well, let me tell you that I’ve been here 10 years and it was here before I got here. And just to commit on the job issue?,..how many jobs do you think they’re are here that someone might be hired out of a temp. agency?..well the answer is NOT THAT MANY. From my understanding,( & I’ve worked with & been a part of the homeless community for a long time, and none that I’ve heard have said,..”I want to be homeless,sleeping outside in the weather. Nor in ALL my years,.I’ve never heard anyone say they wanted to be an drug addict!!,..NEVER. So think what you want but no one should judge them til they’ve walked a mile in their shoes!!!
      just one thing everyone should keep in mind as they are bashing the homeless,…your only one accident(you or a family member) away from being in the same shoes as many of the homeless community are….god bless you

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