New Numbers for 2012 Ducks Fan Jerseys

EUGENE, Ore. — The popular LaMichael James jersey that decked the Duck Store for years can now only be found in 49ers red, which means fans will have to pick new numbers to rep this season.

“You see a lot of those twenty one jerseys everywhere and now with LaMichael gone, somebody’s going to have to fill that void,” said University of Oregon Associate Athletic Director, Craig Pintens.

So, which numbers will take that challenge?¬†Well, it’s still a secret.

“Well, the numbers were selected a while ago, and I’m not going to reveal who was submitted, but I will tell you that I think fans will be pleased with the selections,” said Pintens.

So yes, like practice, the new jerseys are under wraps, for now.
The athletic department submitted numbers to Nike back in the spring, and we won’t see them on the shelves until a week or two before the start of the season, but speculations are swirling, and Duck Store General Manager Arlyn Schaufler says fans have been making requests.

“I think the big numbers this year are six, twenty four and twenty,” said Schaufler.

In fan translation that’s Deanthony Thomas, Kenjon Barner, and John Boyett.
The NCAA doesn’t allow players names on jerseys, but, as we’ll see when the new batch gets released, that doesn’t stop them capitalizing on the Ducks most prominent players.

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