New OSU Dorms to Attract All Students

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — Oregon State University changed up its new residence hall plans to accommodate a wider variety of students.

OSU officials say originally it was designed for upperclassmen, but they’ve made some changes to make it more accommodating to freshman as well.

Administrators modified the original plan by increasing the amount of students per suite and adding in a small space for food instead of a full kitchen.

The three-bedroom suites will have a shared bathroom with additional restrooms and showers down the hall.

Each floor will have a large kitchen and study area.  There will be a free laundry room as well.

With increasing enrollment at OSU and the new live-in requirement for freshman, administrators wanted it to be attractive to students for years to come.

They expect it to house around 300 residents, about 70 percent freshmen and 30 percent returning students.

“To create a sense of community where you have some new students and some returning students I think can be a really positive thing, you have students who kind of know the ropes and can help out the new students as well as our staff can of course, too, so a mix can be a really positive thing,” said OSU Housing & Dining Services Director Tom Scheuermann.

OSU is also working on about a dozen other projects this summer at its residence halls, including upgrading some fire suppression systems and adding in some new energy efficient windows.

The new residence hall will be located on the east side of campus and is scheduled to be open Fall of 2014.

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