New Pharmacy Opens in Corvallis

OSU PharmacyCORVALLIS, Ore. — A new pharmacy in Corvallis held its big grand opening Friday, all to help clients at the Benton County Health Centers.

The Oregon State University College of Pharmacy teamed up with the health center to open the pharmacy. It gives students a good learning experience but also helps those who do not have insurance.

The pharmacy charges uninsured patients different prices for their medication based on their income.

“For a low-income person who might be struggling to pay for their medications, sometimes they’re making decisions that we wouldn’t want to make. Do I pay for food today, or do I get my medication?” said Sherlyn Dahl, Health Center Executive Director.

But having the pharmacy on site allows patients to get their medications in the same spot as their health care.

“It’s really convenient,” said Pharmacy Director Stacy Ramirez. “Our pharmacists here in our pharmacy now have access to the patients’ medical records. If they have a question they can walk down the hall or pick up the phone and call the provider.”

The pharmacy is open to all health center clients. Insured patients would have the same co-pay as they normally do anywhere else. It is located at the main Benton County Health Center at 530 NW 27th St. in Corvallis.

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