New Records Set by UO’s Freshmen

EUGENE, Ore. — School administrators at the University of Oregon say this years freshman class is record-breaking; it is the most academically prepared, the most ethnically diverse and is one of the largest classes they’ve ever had.

The average GPA of the incoming freshman is between 3.57 and 3.58, a new record. More incoming students than ever before have taken Advanced Placement courses during their high school career, as well.

About one in four freshman students is a student of color and 9 percent are international students. This is also the most socio-economically diverse freshman class in the school’s history.

With a more diverse group of students applying for college admission, the university can be more particular about who is accepted.

“We do have the ability to be more selective. We really want to take a lot of time to shape the class, so we want to have a class that represents socio-economic backgrounds, racial and ethnic backgrounds, people who have different kinds of life experiences,” said UO spokesperson Phil Weiler.

The university is expecting 4,200 incoming freshman, another record. The total enrollment for this academic year at the University of Oregon is around 25,000 students, from more than 100 countries and all 50 states.

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