New SLEEPS Location

EUGENE, Ore. — SLEEPS protesters set up camp on 8th Avenue Thursday and call it Whoville. The group says its one of three Whoville sites across the Eugene.

The group has previous set up camp at the Lane County Fairgrounds and at Chambers and River roads in west Eugene.

Protesters say the fight for a safe place to sleep will continue and they will keep camping for the cause, especially with the colder weather approaching. They say the only way they’ll end this is when the city provides them a permanent place to camp.

“Absolutely. It would also give a lot of us some time to sleep and some time to refocus and go get jobs. A lot of us here do have jobs but when we’re having to move every three to four days, the anxiety levels build up,” said SLEEPS protester Lori Mahaney.

Protesters say they haven’t been issued any citations for prohibited camping yet. They plan to attend a special session at the city council meeting on Monday at 7:30 p.m.

As to where they’ll head next, they’re still unsure.


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  1. quasimodo says:

    why does the city owe them a camping spot? if I go camping I have to pay a daily fee what makes these sleep morons think they should just get something handed to them free every other citizen has to pay for? also if I trashed a campgrounds like those rodents do I would get sued for the money it cost to fix it the tax payers wouldn’t get burdened with the cost.

    I say one of the city judges needs to grow some balls and fine every single one of the protestors to do 500 hrs of community service cleaning up parks to pay for the damage they are always doing to our public property

    1. Michael says:

      AMEN quasimodo! I could have ranted on for a lot longer than that but i don’t think I could have said it any better.

    2. Kay says:

      The city “owes” them a camping spot because federal courts have ruled that people are allowed to sleep in public if there are no shelter beds, and to not allow that is an Eighth Amendment violation. That’s why. Not to mention that it’s the compassionate, humanitarian thing to do, but I have a feeling that you’re not interested in that angle…

      1. LB says:

        As long as you take them out of my neighborhood. I don’t want their camp in my neighborhood. Lots of woods here, so why aren’t they camping in the woods.

  2. Bonniezmom says:

    You guys really are in a hate filled echo chamber, not to mention clueless about the Whoville camps. I have been there, they are clean, neat, orderly and filled with people who if they don’t already have a job, want to get one. Without providing stability, these people who want to work, won’t be able to. Lumping all homeless into one type of person is ignorant, ill-informed and a serious part of the problem.

    City land, that is not being used for anything, can be used for this with the residents paying for their own services. This is hardly thinking that the City or County “owes” them anything.

    1. Natalyn says:

      Well said Bonniezmom!

    2. musicman60 says:

      well bonnie i dont know when you went there it must have been during a news broadcast becaus when i went by there it looked like a garbage dump

  3. Penny says:

    No matter how well behaved or considerate a group of people can be, there will always be a small number who misbehave and trash were they live, even some who have the income to live in houses. Many people of this minority are also in need of mental health assistance.That is no excuse for making everyone else pay for a small number of people’s inconsideration of others, or their mental incapacitation.

    Economically, housing has become difficult to find and pay for without making a living wage that allows people to pay for the basics. Sleeping is a basic need for people struggling with misfortune. There is not enough affordable housing or jobs to support these people. Big business has outsourced too many job opportunities, and society has been veering toward indifferent or even deliberately inhumane and callous treatment of those people most impacted by the recession.

  4. musicman60 says:

    ok looks like i can camp anywhere i want noe cool i will bring my 5th wheel down there and camp and city cant stop me it my conautional right move over whoville

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