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CORVALLIS, Ore. – If you have the midnight munchies but don’t want to order an entire meal, you can now order snacks to be delivered to you if you live near Oregon State University.

“Well you know people like sandwiches and pizzas and everything else delivered to them,” said Brandon Arceneaux, the founder of Store to Your Door. “Why wouldn’t they like their favorite snacks and drinks from the convenience store?”

Arceneaux says he got the idea when he tried to order from Jimmy John’s for a delivery.

“I gave them a call and I just wanted an oatmeal-raisin cookie,” he said. “And they said: ‘We can’t do that. You have to buy a sandwich with it as well.’ And I didn’t want to buy a $6-7 sandwich.”

Arceneaux says he realized a need in Corvallis that had not yet been fulfilled: delivering snacks.

“Brandon approached me with this idea of Store to Your Door and I was on board immediately,” said Hendrik Tammekivi, one of the business partners. “I liked the idea.”

Now, the four business partners, including Saul Boulanger and Wyatt Travis, have been delivering snacks for the past three weeks. Their business hours are Thursday through Sunday from 9pm-2am. They say they are responding to a demand for snacks, but are also reminding people not to drive if they should not be.

“I really think it will prevent drinking and driving,” Arceneaux said. “Because we give people an option to bring snacks and drinks to them.”

He also says walking to the store in the dark could be a safety issue.

“Most girls I know don’t want to walk to the store by themselves because – even I don’t think it’s too safe,” he said.

To order a snack, go to the group’s Facebook page by clicking here. The menu is listed along with prices. Customers can text message their orders to (541) 740-4031. For a $1 delivery charge, someone will drop off the snacks either by bike or by car. Customers can either pay by cash or card.

“Right now we deliver from 37th Street to 12th Street to Grant and Jefferson,” Tammekivi said.

Menu options include chips, sodas, cookies, and even beer pong balls. The business says it took $300 to start up.

“We’ve been ecstatic with how business has been,” Arceneaux said. “It’s really exceeded all of our expectations and it’s really taken off.”

The business majors say not only will the business be a good learning experience, but it is also an opportunity for them to use the skills they have already learned.

“There’s real potential for success, for growth, and for finding a place in the college market,” Boulanger said.

Store to Your Door is still in early stages, but it is already talking about expanding its delivery routes next term.

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  1. Dale McCauley says:

    Brandon is one of our Austin Lab students at Oregon State University’s Austin Entrepreneurship Program. He is an amazing student who has the drive to go far, proving that entrepreneurship is an option for all students.

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