New Veterans Clinic to Open

veteran-new-250x250GRANTS PASS, Ore. — A new V.A. clinic is set to open later this spring. When the doors open, vets in Grants Pass will no longer have to travel to White City for services.

A building is being renovated for a larger, more accessible clinic to veterans in Grants Pass and throughout the county. Primary care and mental health services will be offered and full time physicians on staff will increase from two to three.

The current clinic is primarily for veterans outside the city and veterans in Grants Pass aren’t able to go to the clinic and have to travel to White City for services.

“We expect we will probably have a doubling of our demand for that, but a lot of those patients were being served here in White City already, so we’ll just be transferring their care,” Dr. David Donnelly, the Southern Oregon V.A. Clinic Chief of Staff.

The exact location of the new clinic is not being released but is said to be nearby the current one in Grants Pass and is set to open April 1.

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