New Video of Party Arrests Surfaces

EUGENE, Ore. — New video surfaced Tuesday showing the arrests made during a party that police say got out of control Saturday night.

The video was posted on YouTube Tuesday by a person claiming to have attended the party. That person alleges the video shows officers acting inappropriately when arresting eight people that night.

Eugene police say they responded to the party and no one would let them in to the apartment on East 18th Avenue. Officers say they got a warrant, kicked down the door and made arrests.

An EPD spokesman says the partygoers were uncooperative. KEZI 9 News reached out to the police department Tuesday about the video but has not yet received a response.

Here is a link to the video (warning: explicit language): http://youtu.be/1_X_XArGWzo


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  1. Ann Hoke says:

    This is becoming a normal thing for the EPD. They are totally abusing their badges and using excessive force for no reason on way to many citizens these days. Check all the torte claims being filed against the EPD just since January 2013

  2. L.W. says:

    This video shows the police doing NOTHING wrong. Those kids were asked multiple times to comply with orders and they did not resulting in the use of force. It was thier own fault, no one elses. Im getting tired hearing about how the police use too much force, if YOU werent doing anything to ATTRACT attention, then they dont bother you. Pretty simple. Police have a tough enough job and dealing with idiots like these just adds to it. GROW UP!

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